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北京Tiantu Low Temperature Plasma + UV Photo-Oxygen Catalytic Compound Machine

北京Tiantu Low Temperature Plasma + UV Photo-Oxygen Catalytic Compound Machine

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product description

1. Plasma organic waste gas purifier products, using a high-pressure generator to form a low-temperature plasma, under the action of a large number of electrons with an average energy of about 5eV, through the purification of benzene, toluene, H2S, CS2, SO2 and other organic waste gas molecules into various types Active particles combine with oxygen in the air to produce low-molecular non-harmful substances such as H2O, S, CO2, etc., so that the exhaust gas can be purified.

2. Use high-energy high-ozone UV ultraviolet light beam to decompose oxygen molecules in the air to generate free oxygen. Because the positive and negative electrons carried by the free oxygen are unbalanced, they need to be combined with oxygen molecules to generate ozone. UV + O2 → O- + O * (free oxygen) O + O * → O3 (ozone), it is well known that ozone has a strong oxidizing effect on organic matter, and has an immediate removal effect on industrial waste gas and other irritating odors. After the odor / industrial waste gas is introduced into the equipment by the exhaust equipment, the purification equipment uses a high-energy UV ultraviolet beam and ozone to synergistically decompose and oxidize the industrial waste gas, so that the degradation of the industrial waste gas is converted into low molecular compounds, water and carbon dioxide, and then passed The exhaust duct is discharged outside.

3. When the catalyst is exposed to ultraviolet light, it generates superoxide anion free radicals and hydroxide free radicals with strong chemical activity, attacking organic matter, and degrading organic matter. Titanium dioxide is a non-melting material. While decomposing organic pollutants and killing sterilization, it does not decompose and dissolve itself. It has a long-lasting photocatalytic effect and has a lasting effect of sterilization and degradation of pollutants.

 Scope of application:

Various industrial spraying, printing, printing, silk screen volatile organic waste gas; deodorizing and purifying treatment of various malodorous gases. Purification treatment of deodorization and sterilization of organic waste gas in various factories, wastewater treatment stations, hospitals, garbage transfer stations and other places.

4. Product advantages:

* High purification efficiency and stable performance.

* Low wind resistance of equipment ≤400Pa, no need to increase the exhaust equipment, low investment.

* Easy maintenance, low cost and low power consumption. Safe and reliable, the equipment adopts the open discharge form, and there is no closed high pressure and high temperature area. Long service life (more than 12,000 hours of lamp use equals 3-4 years). Easy installation and fully automated operation.

* Treatment air volume 3000m3 / h-5000m3 / h.

detailed picture:


Fifth, low temperature plasma + UV photo-oxygen catalytic composite model exhaust gas purification equipment parameter table

Type number

Recommended air volume(m3/h)

Equipment size

   (Length, width and height)

Equipment internal configuration


Voltage( V)

Wind resistance(Pa)




Equipped with 16 sets of UV photolysis generators, 2 sets of control boxes, horizontal plug-in single-side door structure, 2 sets of titanium dioxide photocatalyst, stainless steel photocatalyst plastic shell, plasma area: 1 set of 419 * 950 stainless steel honeycomb electric field, 1 set of 1000W high frequency power , Imported stainless steel even air filter




Six, use method:

TTDL UV-series organic waste gas purifiers are very easy to operate. The new purifiers have been debugged by our company before leaving the factory. Before use, customers only need to check the entire piping system to prevent air leakage. Then remove any debris that may be inhaled, such as plastic bags, which may exist in the purifier's working range. Then turn on the power (connect the incoming line according to the wiring diagram on the inside of the electric box, and control the start and stop with the electric control equipment), the power indicator lights, and the display is normal, you can start the purifier switch, and the purifier enters the purification working state.

7. Special attention:

1. The equipment is not allowed to be disassembled and debugged by non-professionals to avoid damage to the purifier and internal equipment or unsafe accidents;

2. In case of failure, the power supply should be turned off in time, and the company's technical department should be notified for maintenance;

3. It is strictly forbidden to live operation! ! ! If you turn on the power switch and the UV lamp is on, your eyes cannot see the light. After 5 seconds, your eyes will be red, swollen, painful, or skin allergic. If you need to observe, you must take protective measures. (It is recommended to use a welder's mask for inspection)

4. Maintenance work must be done regularly.

Seven, product maintenance and description:

1. The user should regularly check and maintain the equipment;

2. Every month or depending on the user's current situation, regularly clean the dust (gray) dust, open the power supply box of the equipment to clean the dust on the surface of the top pipe, and then install and restore;

3. Every 6 months or depending on the user's current situation, regularly add titanium dioxide catalyst once;

4. When carrying out maintenance, it is strictly forbidden to live operation;

5. The user should appoint a special person to carry out the maintenance of the product. The company will be responsible for the guidance and training of the maintenance free of charge;

6. The company will accept the entrustment of the user and be responsible for the regular maintenance and repair services of the product according to the contract.

7. Lamp wiping description: The lamp tube will not be wiped for a long time, and the impurities and oil in the exhaust gas will cover the surface of the lamp tube, thereby reducing the brightness of the lamp tube and affecting the treatment effect. tube. (Wipe method: open the door of the electric box, pull out the light box by a third, and then gently wipe back and forth with a damp cloth until the lamp is clean.)

8. Cleaning instructions for the inner wall of the cabinet: If the inner wall of the cabinet is not cleaned for a long time, impurities and oil in the exhaust gas will deposit in the cabinet, which will affect the treatment effect of the equipment and the breeding of hidden fire hazards. It is recommended to clean the cabinet once a month. (The cleaning method is: open the door of the electric box, wipe clean with a wet towel, and it is forbidden to rinse with water.)

9. Filter cleaning instructions: The filter plays the role of air distribution and lamp protection. If you do n’t wash for a long time, the wind will be blocked, which will affect the ventilation effect. It is recommended to clean it once a month, and then use water and a brush to clean it.

10. Instructions for cleaning and replacing the photocatalyst plate and activated carbon plate: The photocatalyst plate and activated carbon plate mainly produce catalysts through photoreaction, so that exhaust gas can fully react and decompose. Contact, which affects the processing effect. It is recommended to clean it once a month and replace it once every six months. The degree of attention when cleaning is easy to damage and deform.

8. After-sales maintenance:

1. After the installation of this equipment, the company is responsible for one year warranty (note: except for human damage) user maintenance, you can consult our company or send someone to the site for guidance.

2. The professional person in charge of the company regularly inspects the photocatalytic deodorization equipment sold during the warranty period.

Common troubleshooting


possible reason


The indicator light does not turn on after power on

Switching loss or line damage

Check the circuit or replace the switch

There is no deodorizing effect after turning on the power

The lamp has expired or the oxidant has been consumed

Open the electric control box on the side of the host to replace the lamp and add catalyst

Note: If your equipment has quality problems during use and neither of the above two situations, please contact our company in time, our company will not send the technical staff to repair it under the guidance of the phone.


9. Others:

Notes on unpacking

1. Unpacking the equipment should be carefully disassembled, check the surface of the equipment for defects such as bumps; check the packing list (qualification certificate, maintenance manual, circuit installation drawing, unpacking key), and check whether the accessories are complete.

2. For packaging, transportation and storage of transportation and storage equipment, please refer to the relevant standards. The equipment should be lifted and handled gently without collision, to avoid damage to the surface of the shell, and the equipment should be stored in a dry and ventilated environment and should not be placed In the occasion of high temperature, humidity or corrosive gas such as acid and alkali




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