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Ozone catalytic oxidation tower

Ozone catalytic oxidation tower

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The use of ozone oxidation to treat waste water uses air or oxygen containing low concentrations of ozone. Ozone is a strong oxidizer that is unstable and easily decomposed, so it must be manufactured on site. Ozone oxidation water treatment process facilities are mainly composed of ozone generators and gas-water contact equipment.

Wastewater ozone oxidation treatment process

Currently the only method for mass production of ozone is the silent discharge method. The raw material gas for making ozone is air or oxygen. The raw material gas must be purified by degreasing, dehumidifying, and dusting, otherwise it will affect the ozone yield and the normal use of the equipment. The concentration of ozone made of air is generally 10-20 mg / L; the concentration of ozone made of oxygen is 20-40 mg / L. This air or oxygen containing 1 to 4% (by weight) of ozone is the ozonized gas used in water treatment.



The ozone generated by the ozone generator is diffused into the water to be treated through the gas-water contact equipment, usually using a microporous diffuser, a bubble tower or ejector, a turbo mixer, etc. The utilization rate of ozone should strive to reach more than 90%, and the remaining ozone is discharged with the exhaust gas. In order to avoid polluting the air, the exhaust gas can be catalytically decomposed by activated carbon or Hogarat agent, or decomposed by catalytic combustion method.



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