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UCVAOP integrated high-concentration wastewater treatment equipment

UCVAOP integrated high-concentration wastewater treatment equipment

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Problems solved by high concentration organic wastewater

1. High cost: Taking electrocatalytic oxidation technology as an example, the investment cost per ton of water is 20,000 to 30,000 yuan.

2. High sludge volume: Taking Fenton or air floatation technology as an example, a large amount of sludge will be generated and secondary pollution will be formed. ,

3. Low efficiency: the removal rate of COD by ordinary methods is low, often <30%

4. Complexity: Some processes are extremely complex and require high temperature and high pressure conditions.

UCVAOP advanced oxidation technology

The basic principle is to introduce ultraviolet light, ultrasonic wave, oxidant and catalyst into the reaction system, and use them to synergistically catalyze the oxidation, the hole effect, and degrade organic pollutants. Compared with the traditional catalytic wet oxidation method which requires high temperature (150 ~ 350 ℃) and high pressure (0.5 ~ 20MPa) reaction conditions, this method can be used at high temperature (25 ~ 80 ℃) and normal pressure (1atm) conditions, high concentration, The toxic, harmful and difficult-to-degrade organic pollutants are completely decomposed into CO2, water and harmless components, and simultaneously deodorized, decolorized and sterilized, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying wastewater. The method has many advantages, such as mild reaction, high processing efficiency, complete degradation, clean and green process and energy saving, and has broad application prospects.

UCVAOP technical principle




UCVAOP technical advantages

1. Simple: This technology forms an integrated design with simple and reliable structure.

2. High efficiency: the treatment effect is high, even the difficult to treat wastewater has a removal efficiency of more than 40%, which can be used as a pretreatment method.

3. Wide range of adaptability: There is no selectivity for organic pollutants in wastewater, and the adaptability is wide.

4. Strong oxidation ability: it has the same oxidation ability as the traditional Fenton process.

5. Low cost: Ultrasonic wave, ultraviolet light and catalyst are introduced into the reaction system at the same time. Using its synergistic catalytic oxidation can effectively improve the oxidant utilization rate and save the oxidant dosage.

6. High degree of automation: The whole process is automated, easy to manage, and can be unattended.

Technical comparison


Technical principles

Advantages and disadvantages analysis


Iron-carbon microelectrolysis

Using the principle of metal corrosion to form primary batteries to treat wastewater

Low investment, low operating cost, stable treatment effect, low removal rate, and more restricted use conditions

Use frequency is getting lower and lower


By adding medicine, the suspended particulates in the wastewater can be aggregated and removed from the wastewater in the form of suspended matter

Low investment, high operating cost for treatment of high-concentration sewage, unstable treatment effect, low removal rate, difficult to meet the standard

Only as a pretreatment method

Fenton method

Hydrogen peroxide + ferrous sulfate catalytic oxidation

The investment is low, the operating cost is moderate, the treatment effect is unstable, the removal rate is moderate, and it is difficult to meet the standard

A large amount of chemical sludge is generated, which is hazardous waste and gradually eliminated

Evaporation method

Multi-effect evaporation or reduced-pressure evaporation

High investment, high operating cost, high efficiency, high failure rate, but only the separation of pollutants and subsequent treatment

Suitable for pretreatment of high-salt organic wastewater

Wet oxidation

High temperature and high pressure oxidation

The investment is expensive, the operating cost is high, the potential operating safety, the treatment effect is good, and the standard emission can be reached

Rarely used

UCVAOP technology

Advanced oxidation technology using ultrasonic ultraviolet light to catalyze the synergistic effect of oxidants

Moderate investment, moderate operating costs, high processing efficiency, safe and stable operation, and up to standard emissions

Market prospects










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