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Shandong Tiantu Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

        Shandong Tiantu Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is an environmental protection product research and development, consulting, design, manufacturing, engineering general contracting and operation, professional production of domestic sewage treatment equipment, high-concentration organic wastewater treatment, integrated domestic sewage treatment equipment, high Dry sludge filter press, waste permeate treatment, slaughter and aquaculture wastewater treatment, phenol, benzene and wastewater treatment high-tech enterprises, the company is based on the technology of the university, and the graphene fluid bed ozone catalyst developed by Harbin Institute of Technology It is the first in China, and its COD removal rate is significantly higher than that of current fixed bed products. It has a wide market in the field of industrial wastewater advanced treatment. The multi-dimensional electrocatalytic oxidation device jointly developed by our company and Beijing University of Chemical Technology has great technical advantages in the field of electroplating wastewater and dye wastewater treatment, and has been recognized by the owner. The high-dry sludge filter press independently developed by the company can reduce the organic sludge with a water content of about 85% to about 45-50%.

        Shandong Tiantu Environmental Protection is located in the hometown of beautiful dinosaurs, the hometown of Emperor Shun, Shandong Zhucheng, east to Qingdao and south to Rizhao, with convenient transportation. The company has an academically leading, experienced and highly dedicated team of R & D and engineering technicians. For a long time, it has provided a series of professional services from process design to engineering contracting, equipment supply and operation management for customers everywhere. The company insists on providing high-tech services For customers, we have won the trust of users with excellent product quality. While the company is developing rapidly, it is widely respected and praised by the industry and customers.

        Tiantu Environmental Protection will adhere to the corporate philosophy of "technology, innovation, cooperation and win-win", provide customers with a full range of services, and work together with all parties in the society to create a better living environment.

        Our business belief that quality is life, time is credit, and core technology is competitive, based on Shandong, serves the whole country, and goes to the world!


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